My Story

The Caftan

In 2015, I discovered a line of caftans (beach cover-ups) while away on vacation with my girlfriends. These caftans were so fantastic!

 Here are the reasons why I bought 4 of them on the spot:

  1. They were all One Size (I didn’t have to worry if they fit or not)
  2. Colors were vibrant & patterns unique (a nice change, since I usually wear solid black due to it’s slimming effect)
  3. Fabric was comfortable & it didn’t wrinkle (I could roll it up in my suitcase)
  4. Care instruction were simple (wash in soap & water, rinse, hang to dry)
  5. Price was reasonable (I didn’t have to explain this purchase to my husband)
  6. Sparkle! Each caftan had subtle crystal work around the neckline. Just enough to catch the sunlight and make me feel a bit sassy!

They were like a dream. I wore these caftans for the next two summers by the pool, at barbeques, at parties (with a slip underneath) and people were constantly asking me where I bought them.


The Start

I started On Holiday Marin in September 2017 because I wanted to bring beautiful, unique and colorful resort wear to Marin, County. The concept had been swirling around in my head ever since I purchased those caftans but I wasn’t sure how I’d swing it…until, the day I got a bee-in-my-bonnet.

My youngest son had just begun Kindergarten and my husband was away on a fly-fishing trip so I suppose that I was feeling particularly liberated! I decided to pick up the phone and reach out to the resort wear company that makes these wonderful caftans. The owner answered the phone and I asked if she would be interested in partnering with me. I explained that there was a huge untapped market in Marin because we didn’t have any stores offering colorful resort wear that wasn’t outrageously expensive.

She said yes!

Now, I carry these caftan as well as maxi-dresses, tunics, pants, sarongs, hats, towels and French market bags (which are made especially for us in Morocco). I have partnered with several large brands and some independent designers. My assortment continues to grow and I’m always looking for new and exciting lines to add to my collection.


The Shop

My retail model is a bit unique as I offer my clients a few different shopping options.

Clients are welcome to make an appointment to visit my pool house shop (individually or with a group of friends), place an order online via my website or attend an On Holiday Marin Sales Event. These sales events will occur 3 times a year - in November, March and June and will allow clients to preview and buy the current assortment all at one time.


The Goal

Something happens to a gal when she wears an outfit that instantly makes her feel beautiful, sexy and confident. My goal is to help clients find something that they are excited to wear by the pool, at the beach or just while relaxing at home. Trying on swimwear can be exceptionally stressful but finding what goes over it should be fun!


My name is Bethany Wolfensperger and I live in Marin County, California with my very supportive and patient husband David, our two boys and a wildly, energetic Vizsla.


The Pool House Shop

Bethany with her boys